What are some Google search tips and hacks?

In this busy world that is so technology and internet driven, no day goes where we don’t find the need of searching something on Google. For what purpose do we use it? For studies as a student or in office for working on some project we require Google everywhere.

People are using it since so long but they are not able to make the most of this powerful application.

This article will bring you forward to some very interesting, important and must- known Google Ticks and tips to use it to its full potential.

Let’s start and be a smart Google search user.

  • Use the tab category provided.

Most of us use it and are aware of it. But for all those who are still not used to using the Above available tab on the page that specifies the result into All, Images, Maps, News, etc. This helps us to get the required form of result required and hence lessen the pain of searching for something in the ALL section.

  • Mark your search keyword with quotes.

This is the best way to search for a particular word or a query. As soon as we quote a word or phrase the result provided are very precise and only related to your query.

For example, if you search for ‘’Buy Yellow Dress’’ then the result that will appear will only sell yellow dress there won’t be any other page related to buying a yellow dress.

  • Site search

This trick helps to find the site directly in no time.  For example instead of searching about a company’s name and then landing on their web page. One can directly search for site: amazon.com and find the page immediately in no time.

  • Define

With this, you can be precise with your page and get the desired result faster. For example instead of just typing the word Media consumption to find its definition. One can search for Definition: Media Consumption. You will get your result faster. 

One can easily look for a site that similar to a particular site. For example, you want to explore other related pages to site that you frequently use.  You can use this trick to find the same.

Related: amazon.com 

  • File type

Google search also permits you to find a file in a particular file format. You can use this way to find the same. For example

Media consumption filetype:pdf

  • Linked pages

One can even search for pages linked to a particular page instead of searching the same page. For example, if you want to find who all have cited a particular page, you can use the below syntax to find the same. link:timesnetwork.com 

  • Exclude words.

If you want to exclude certain words from your search result you have to hyphen to exclude such words. For example, if you want to search for apple mobile phone. One can search with Apple _fruit. This will allow you to only get a result for Apple mobile phone and not the fruit.

  • Solve maths with Google.

One can actually use Google to solve maths. This includes vast ways and solutions and hence cannot be all explained here. Google can solve some of the basic maths question or even the difficult one. 

  • Search for two or more words at once.

Using this trick one can use two words or phrases at a time and all this can be done by just putting or in your search options.

For example Red dress or Yellow Dress 

  • Keep it crisp, simple and precise

While searching for anything it is very important to keep your keyword or query short, simple and precise to what you need in the result. Google tries to give us the best result possible, hence we must also be aware of what we want and they can also use other tricks available.  https://hackcriticalopsgame.top/

  • Conversion using Google.

You all must be aware of this and must have used it. This tip mentions that Google provides us with the conversion scale that can convert currency, distance, weight and other such units.

  • Find similar word

Google can also serve as a personal thesaurus as by adding ~ to the word all the words similar to it will appear in the result.

For example ~large

This search provides with words that are similar to large.

These were some of the very easy and most useful tricks for day to day search. Using all this and making them a habit can make you a smart and efficient Google search users.

What’s sayat.me Mostly For Instagram

Did you ever think of reading someone else mind and knowing what they think about you or even somehow get to know what your friends really think about you? Whether you say “I don’t care what others think about me”  even they think this once in their lifetime.

So, today we came across one trending application on Instagram sayat.me which up to some point fulfills your wish to get to know what others think about you.

Basically, sayat.me  is an application which enables you to give an honest opinion to people you know. This application offers a chance to everyone who wants to say something about their friends, family people, and colleagues without facing them directly. Yes, it’s a little bit weird but it’s fine to a point until you don’t use it for wrong reasons.

According to me, everyone needs honest opinions from their friends because that help us grow and find out our real self whereas fake appreciations don’t help but they do destroy us.

The best thing about this is it’s anonymous which is kind of a negative point also because it is getting used for cyberbullying which isn’t a great thing but if you are using it for well being of your friend then this is a good thing. It’s totally secure and still, now we haven’t heard single news of any data leak or something so your friend is never going to know that you were the one who complained about his snoring.

Also, you have to register first to use it it’s not like anyone (bots) can give you opinions so it will be humans especially your friends who will be criticizing you.

For opinions from friend you can share link to your profile and when they click it they can write about you without disclosing this identity and for fun you can post those posts in your story to get to know who posted them but it’s not a foolproof idea until and unless you strategically plan it out and we leave this on you to plan things out. https://www.howtohackanigaccount.website/

Another thing is these opinions about you are only visible to you and no one else can see it unless you decide to share it with the world which is another great thing. So this app takes care of your privacy very well.

Talking more about the app the user interface is very well and the registration process is also quite easy so it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to register yourself and start reviewing your friends.

But as every good thing also have some negative about it the same is with sayat.me because any good thing can be turned into a weapon if it gets into the wrong hands the same case is with sayat.me. Recently, many cases of cyberbullying have been coming since the inception of sayat be anonymity is not good every time but it’s great for those cyber bullies out there. Right now you can’t stop them but what you can do is neglect them because you’ll get an inner feeling that this is not about you and someone is playing with your mind.

So, if you are using it in a good manner then use sayat.me but if you using it to harm someone then please leave it and focus on your job.